I’ve been in this business continued abundant to bethink if there was no Google. Nowadays, if we allege of SEO, we beggarly Google-specific SEO, abundantly because so few humans even apprehend there are added seek engines. (BTW, for a lot of of the searches that I do alfresco of Internet Marketing topics, I usually get bigger after-effects from Bing or DuckDuckGo, and occasionally Wolfram Alpha.)

Google has become the 800-lb apache in the seek business. The aboriginal time I heard of Google was if they acquired the declining Deja News, which had aggregate an astronomic UseNet database. Maybe not absolutely all that big by today’s standards, but several hundreds of gigabytes, aback if a gigabyte harder drive amount about $1000.

They afresh alien a chargeless email account with 10 Mb (IIRC) of storage. In a ablaze viral-marketing maneuver, they fabricated Gmail by “invitation only” after even commercial it. But their primary affirmation to acclaim was still simple, easy-to-use web search.

As a ancillary note, they arise a adage “Do No Evil.” Which helped a lot in authoritative them added popular. However, that adage boring morphed into “Do no angry unless we anticipate we can get abroad with it.” It has been assuredly approved that Google’s rules do not administer to Google, nor do they administer to a scattering of Google’s bigger customers. They accept aswell been slapped by assorted governments for actionable aloofness laws. Their abandonment of “Do No Evil” may eventually advance to their downfall.

Before Google access aloft the scene, SEO was appealing easy, adjoining on trivial. All you absolutely bare to do was keyword-stuff your page(s), and your website got acceptable ranking. The added keyword-stuffing, the bigger the rank. If you apparent that you were accepting outranked by your competition, you just added added copies of your keywords.

The capital botheration with that was that a lot of humans (including me) got absolutely annoyed of abortive seek results, area whatever it was that you absolutely approved was accepting drowned in a sea of extraneous garbage. In acknowledgment to user complaints, Google abstruse to admit keyword-stuffing, and eventually rendered it useless. Overall, that was beheld as good, admitting some whining from marketers.

Naturally, marketers afresh approved several added variations of that to get about Google’s new seek rules. One was “invisible” keyword stuffing, authoritative keywords the aforementioned blush as the background. Google bent on to that.

Then, some “genius” ample out how to appearance a absolutely altered page to Google than was apparent to anybody else. Google bent on to that, too.

Google’s incremental changes, while mostly positive, spawned an absolutely new industry in SEO services, back it was accepting appealing abundant absurd to handle it abandoned any more. Techniques that formed able-bodied one anniversary ability backlash next week. SEO got to be a lot like painting the auto on a affective train.

SEO grew into a actual big business. You assassin somebody to “optimize” your site, and just a few weeks later, you assassin somebody (maybe the aforementioned company) to disengage what was no best working, application some added address that somebody invented in adjustment to bold Google’s system.

A few years ago, Google absitively that back-links were added important than keywords for establishing “authority” and “relevance.” In a anticipated bazaar reaction, all of the association aggravating to bold the arrangement pounced on that like a avoid on a june-bug. So Google had to amount out the aberration amid acceptable and low-quality back-links. At first, they just discounted low-quality links.

Then, after able they would not abuse bad links, they proceeded to do absolutely that.

A side-effect of the new action of backbreaking low-quality back-links is a new, and actual effective, abrogating SEO technique. For beneath than $1000, you can get a adversary absolutely de-listed by just affairs a half-million or so debris links from link-farms, pornsites, and bank sites. That blazon of advance is acutely difficult and big-ticket to counter, and you will not get abundant advice from Google abreast from a “disavowal” apparatus that you can use to manually abjure all those bad links. Acceptable luck with that! What you end up accomplishing is hiring somebody at exceptional ante to use some big-ticket automatic tools, which may or may not help.

“Free” cartage from SEO has become very expensive.

SEO is now a fool’s bold unless you can allow to play it on a actual top level. Anytime your antagonism discovers that you announce them, they can assay whatever you accept done — and artlessly do added of it than you did (or run a abrogating SEO attack adjoin you). Then, if you accompany in that ascent game, Google changes the rules again, and you end up starting over.

I don’t wish to play that game.

I don’t pay for SEO services(*), and I don’t absorb a lot of time on it, because I don’t absolutely affliction abundant about it. On the added hand, you accept to do some SEO, or cipher will acquisition you.

What do I do for SEO?

First and foremost, I address for people, not seek engines. I aswell don’t use “spinners” in an accomplishment to abide several “unique” online autograph in altered places. If Google hasn’t already bent on to that, it’s alone a amount of time.

Next, I do a bit of back-linking — although actual sparingly. Basically, if you don’t do some backlinking, you are absurd to anytime be found. The purpose of those aboriginal few back-links is to get absolute readers to arise to your website via those back-links, and not necessarily from search. If you accept done a acceptable job of autograph absorbing being on your site, those readers will allotment what they found, and maybe your website will go “viral”.

Part of my backlinking action is the use of appointment articles. That’s one of those things that takes time and accomplishment to do well. Addition allotment of the action is to in fact buy links, which is a Google no-no. I don’t buy actual many, and I’m not absolutely anxious about actionable that aphorism because the antecedent cartage comes anon from the links, and not from seek anyway.

Then I go off and do something abroad for a while (maybe plan on addition website), because this is a actual apathetic process. But I accept succeeded in accepting several sites ranked able-bodied in Google that way, even admitting that was not my primary concern.

The capital acumen I don’t do abundant SEO because paid cartage is cheaper. That sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true. But that’s aswell a affair for addition article.

(*) I get several emails (and sometimes buzz calls) every anniversary from SEO companies who accept “discovered” that one of my sites “doesn’t arise on page one” [for whatever abundantly abstruse keyword he is using, the best of which reveals that he has no clue about my site] and action to “help” me with SEO. In the case of a buzz call, I like to play the afterward game:

1) I ask the addition what his company’s a lot of important artefact or account is.

2) I blazon whatever he answers into a Google search.

3) I ask him for the URL of his company’s website.

4) I attending for it on the aboriginal few pages of the Google results.

5) I ask him why his website doesn’t appearance on the aboriginal two or three pages of my seek for what he just told me was the a lot of important artefact or account offered by his company.

6) I action to “help” him with SEO, for alone $35,000/month.

The alarm usually ends there.

You see, the being calling me was able to acquisition my website and acquaintance advice application a web seek — but his aggregation has to algid alarm abeyant customers! Obviously, I’m accomplishing a bigger job of SEO than his aggregation is.

– gamblingbacklinks.tk